Changing the way food is grown.

Changing the way we eat.

Dhaanika is blending of three words i.e. Dhaan, Dhaani, Dhaanika meaning Grain, Goodness, and Prosperity. Dhaanika stands for our belief in prosperity through grains. We are on a BIG pursuit to make agriculture a happiness-filled prospect for everybody- Farmers and Consumers alike.


Produce Healthy and Chemical Free food for ALL


Our mission is to create an alternate agri value chain by promoting zero budget nature farming among women led farmer’s groups; helping them in food processing; and providing them a market space in which they can grow, trade and consume chemical-free food.

Our Values

Serenity: Conduct in ecologically and social consious manner

Fair Trade: to be good in our efforts to grow rural economy and bestow fair price to farmers

Generosity: Be generous in our attempt to make safe food affordable for all


We are certified organic as per Indian Organic PGS (Green). We also have the food licenses issued by FSSAI. We adhere to the norms by APEDA, Ministry of Agriculture for the transition certificates and back tracking of the organic produces.