Kitchen Garden: Filling Plates with Nutritious and Safe food

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

While a wide variety of food is available in the markets, the plates of poor people are less nutritious and many times remain empty when there is scarcity of food or income, thus affecting the health of people, largely women and children. Ms. Diksha Pandey from a small village Sujanpur in Shivrajpur Block of Kanpur is engaged in promoting Kitchen gardens for securing safe and regular supply of vegetables and fruits to poor people in villages of Kanpur.

Diksha is president of a Woman Self Help Group promoted by Shramik Bharti in villages of Shivrajpur Block and holds the position of Director in Ekta Nature Farming Producer Company, Shivrajpur.

Taking inspiration from the nature farming activities of Shramik Bharti, Diksha learnt nature farming by setting up a terrace Kitchen Garden in her home. It gave safe and fresh vegetables to her family with minimum input cost. Being the member of self help group Diksha was well aware of the plight of marginalized families who cannot afford to have balanced and nutritious diet leading towards malnourishment.

Witnessing the value of Kitchen garden in improving health of the marginalized communities, Diksha decided to train members of woman self help groups in setting up kitchen garden not only in her village but in neighboring villages also. Today she is actively engaged in encouraging women to develop kitchen garden. And it is due to Diksha’s hard work and commitment that more than 40 families in Shivrajpur block have developed Kitchen garden in their home with the support of Diksha.

Production of safe and fresh vegetables and fruits is giving these families an access to important nutrition that was not within their budget to purchase from market. Thus this small initiative will prove a mile stone in improving health of marginalized communities in long run.

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