Journey of your Organic food

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Read what all happens to the food before it reaches you. The difference between the journey of the regular food you eat and organic food.

A farmer buys hybrid seeds from market. These are also called miracle seeds as they can produce up to ten times more crops than regular seeds. If these seeds give such good results why are we saying no to it?

We are saying no to it because these seeds need lots of pesticides and fertilizers as the climatic conditions of the region does not suit the seed. The fertilizer helps to give good yield but they are full of synthetic chemicals. In this manner chemicals also enter your food. But wait! It’s not the end of chemical infestation of crops and hence your food, there is more chemicals to come. This is just the beginning of it. Farmers also use pesticides because after a few days the crops might be attacked by pests. The second round of infesting your food with harmful chemicals ends here.

Four months later crop is ready to be harvested. The farmer gets wonderful yield in lesser time. The food is ready to be processed now, the processing happens to remove all the impurities. After processing, your food gets ready to be packed and transported.

Do you know that the food you eat usually travels extremely long distance before it reaches you? If the food travels such long distances chances are high that it can get spoiled by moisture or insects might attack it. To prevent this preservatives are used. Alas! Another round of chemicals sneaks into your food. Now will you say that the lentils you eat at your home are healthy?

When you look at the journey of your food it has undergone 5 rounds of chemical starting from the seed to preservatives.

Journey of your organic food/ Jaivik Aahar!

We are in a mission to change the negative cycle! We are trying to prevent your food from chemicals at all stages.

Here how we do it:

Our organic food starts its journey from traditional seeds . In our natural way of farming also we use fertilizers. But since we are doing things differently, we are using natural fertilizers. That means ours farmers make fertilizers at home using household things such as Cow dung, Besan, cow urine etc. The fertilizers used are absolutely free from harmful chemicals.

Next? The pests so enter the crop, we treat the pests with things such as Neem oil, Gralic etc. So we work with only natural pesticides. The crops takes longer time to be harvested and our farmer get slightly lesser yield. But they happily say that they grow food that’s chemical free.

Your food is ready to be processed now to remove impurities. We make sure that we do not over process it to remove even the essential nutrients. Just the apt amount of processing is done.

After processing, food leaves the village and comes to the city. We don’t let it travel very long. Our mantra is produce local eat local. Why local? Because when the food travels less it does not need any artificial preservatives. Hence the food that reaches your home only has goodness of our traditional Indian farming wisdom, no chemicals, and no preservatives.

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