Zero Budget Nature Farming

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Zero Budget Nature Farming' represents expenditure without spending any money on purchased inputs. 'Natural farming' means farming with Nature and without chemicals.

Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) is a set of farming methods. It creates freedom for the farmer in fulfilling his agricultural cost by using natural and ecological resources.

‘Dhaanika’ represents ecological way of farming which is helping farmers to grow their economy and consumers to renovate their well-being. We believe to grow our food without using chemicals and therefore our products have been grown, not manufactured. This is the reason we call our products “Jaivik Aahar” (organic food). The name reflects the encompassing and conscious approach of our women farmers’ which seeks to be both ecologically conscious and environment friendly.

Why ‘Zero Budget Nature Farming’ is necessary?

Green Revolution has promoted chemical usage and hybrid seeds in agricultural fields. But over the time, fertilizers, pesticide, and equipments destroyed our natural resources like water and land and distressed our local bio-diversity. Small farmers’ conditions are increasingly becoming more distressed as they face an onslaught of ecological crisis of soil and water along with rising input costs in terms of seeds. The distress is increasingly gaining recognition as more and more farmers’ commit suicide, fall into debt-traps, and poverty remains the way of life for the hands that grow our food.

‘Zero Budget Nature Farming’ was opted to reform the destructive charge of chemicals and oppressive profiteering ruling the agricultural situation in India. Our movement is gaining strength organically through the spirit of volunteerism, ethical engagements and conscious production system. It is re-establishing the authentic Indian traditional wisdom and practices of seed-preservation, moisture-conservation to minimize water consumption, and reduce the usage of bio-medicines and bio-fertilizers.

How ‘Zero Budget Nature Farming’ Functions?

‘Zero Budget Nature farming’ originally worked at ground or local level in a decentralized manner. The farmers at local level are independent to take decisions about what they will grow and what kind of input they want to use. The movement has a self-organized dynamic and runs in an informal way. Mostly, the farmers at local level connected to each other informally and carry out both organized and spontaneous farmer-to-farmer exchange activities. This whole structure nourishes the farmer community, make them stronger and help them grow as a leader.

With the help of ‘Dhaanika’, women farmers of Uttar Pradesh are able to empower themselves in the social and economic context. In Each district, Women Farmers have its own style of organization, and carries out its own activities in an autonomous fashion, and does not depend on any central control.

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